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4 Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Playing Online Blackjack

Dec 24

4 Most Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Playing Online Blackjack

Online casinos are still booming and many choose them as a form of entertainment. If what you are looking for is to have a successful game, in the following article we will tell you what you should not do when you play live BlackJack. Follow this list of tips and you will find an excellent combination of adrenaline, entertainment and responsible gaming.


If trends are reviewed at a global level, it can be affirmed without any doubt that the online casino and sports betting sector is experiencing a golden age, which has even managed to survive the negative effects of Covid-19. Without a nearby roof, its growth continues to attract the attention of millions.


The truth is that more and more people around the world choose live casino games as a form of hobby, they have more free hours at work or simply seek to energize waiting in public transport or in a doctor's office. The technical advantages that have occurred in the last decades greatly favor this phenomenon.


Now, as often happens with this type of phenomenon, many people approach it without having prior solid knowledge. We can take the case of one of the most popular games: online blackjack is one of the most played due to its international fame and the innovative online proposals. However, a number of mistakes are often repeated among beginners.


That is why below we will focus on reviewing what are those bad practices that can make a game lose much earlier than expected, removing the necessary entertainment factor that all gambling must have. Take note and review your future strategy.

1. Not reviewing the legal conditions of the online casino

As is generally the case on the internet, we can find a huge number of online casino proposals. However, it is key to check if we are playing with an authorized company. Regulations on online gambling advance around the world, so it is necessary to know what laws govern and which companies comply with them.


This factor will give us greater confidence about the transparency of the game, our real chances of winning and knowing that our money is in good hands, as well as being backed by strong protection of our personal data.


2. Doubling the bets, trying to recover

This error is often inherited from Hollywood movies that take place in traditional casinos. After losing, the protagonists go to double or nothing to recover the investment. What a priori may seem like a smart idea or, at least brave, may end up being more expensive than we thought.

In that sense, it is important to bear in mind that the chances of victory remain the same, as well as those of losses. Good or bad streaks don’t alter that factor, so it is wise to know how to stop in time and try again the next time.


3 Playing at tables that pay the user 6:5

One of the strategies of casinos, at a general level, is to make something seem like a profit that on the phone is not. In this case, let us remember that most of the tables of the most important casinos usually pay bets 3:2, being a standard that is repeated everywhere.


However, in recent years the number of brands that offer their users a payout corresponding to 6:5 has grown, as if it were an advantage for people who gamble. However, despite being a higher amount for the bettor, this ratio actually favors the house.


4. Not training before starting to bet

Last but not least, many players believe that they have an innate talent for blackjack or that luck is in their hand, overlooking any type of practice or training in this regard. Knowing more about strategies, combinations and movements by professionals and experts improves the quality of our game.


Today there are several ways to train online: specialized blogs, online tutorials, groups on social networks and even paid courses provided by renowned players. Before starting any online game, getting to know the game thoroughly is a great investment.



While there are no magic formulas for gambling, avoiding these four mistakes has proven to improve our performance at online blackjack tables for much healthier and more professional entertainment.