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Variable Speed Tote Mixers For IBCs And Tote Tanks

May 31

Mixing Tote Liquids

White Mountain Process has the right mixer to meet your needs, whether you're mixing paints, oils, chemicals, or food products in industrial Intermediate Bulk Containers or tote tanks. Our IBC-tote mixers come in manual, electric, and air models to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. They can be used for mixing thin liquids like paint, as well as thicker liquids like oils and lubricants. Depending on the viscosity, they can be fitted with a variety of shafts and motors.

IBC tote blenders with a pneumatic engine work by injecting compressed air bursts into the IBC lid bung hole via an efficient mixing probe. This produces large flat air-bubbles that mix the liquid in the IBC tank faster than traditional mechanical tote mixers or impeller types. For heavy liquids an optional low level kicker is also available to ensure that the product is mixed all the way to the bottom of the IBC tank.

Our IBC tote mixers with teflon blades are often used in Pharcuetical, Food, R&D and Clean Room applications where the highest levels of purity or anti-corrosion protection are required. They can be equipped in a wide variety of shafts, motor sizes and viscosities to meet the needs of a variety liquids ranging from water to alcohol or food grade chemicals. They can also come with a range of optional safety features designed to minimize the risk of contamination and operator exposure.

A non-mechanical IBC tote mixer can help to reduce the amount of time it takes for a liquid to reach temperature by mixing the liquids in the IBC while the tote is being heated. This will allow the tote be heated more quickly and evenly.

Pulsair's innovative Low and High Speed Tote Mixing process uses an air blending and agitation technique that is efficient. It can be used with IBCs, drums, rail tanks, and small tanks. The process involves injecting air pulses sequentially through a stainless steel probe mounted on the IBC lid bung. This produces large flat air bubbles that quickly mix and agitate the liquid in IBC tote tanks of all sizes and can be used for a variety of different types of liquids and high solids.

IBC tote mixers with swivel tops can be positioned for fast and easy access to the liquid inside the IBC tank. They are available as a standard swiveltop or with a mount that allows you to lock the mixer into place.

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