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How To Repair Uneven Concrete With Concrete Leveling

Nov 13

Concrete Leveling is a quick repair solution to raise and stabilize sunken concrete slabs by Experienced Concrete Levelers. This process involves injecting a lifting compound under the concrete to fill the voids, and lift the slab back into a stable position. This method is used to repair concrete patios, driveways, porches and even pool decks. Concrete leveling can be a much cheaper option than tearing out and replacing the concrete slabs.

Uneven concrete isn't just unsightly, but it can create dangerous situations for pedestrians and cars. If your front steps are shifting to one side, the concrete sidewalk is tilting, or the concrete on your home's foundation has sunk in one place, it is time to get professional help to resolve these issues. Concrete leveling is a great option for repairing uneven concrete surfaces, and it is typically done in less than a day with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

There are a few different methods that can be used to level a concrete slab. These include mudjacking, chemical injections, and self-leveling concrete. Mudjacking is an old-fashioned technique that involves drilling a series of holes through the sunken concrete slab. A cement slurry is then pumped underneath the slab to fill the voids and lift the concrete.

Chemical injections use a special type of polyurethane to fill the voids under concrete. The polyurethane expands when it is injected, and this pressure will lift the concrete. This type of chemical injection is typically more expensive than mudjacking, but it can be a faster and more cost-effective solution to lifting concrete slabs.

When selecting a company to perform your concrete leveling, make sure they are fully licensed and insured. This will protect you in the event of an accident or damage caused during the process. The company should also have experience in lifting concrete slabs and be able to provide references from past clients.

While there are many reasons why a concrete slab may sink, most problems can be fixed with concrete leveling. This process is a simple and affordable way to restore the function and beauty of your concrete slabs.

Sunken and uneven concrete can be repaired with the following three methods. The most common and most cost-effective is concrete leveling. With this method, holes are drilled into the sunken concrete slab and a concrete lifting foam is injected into the holes. This material is a mixture of Portland cement and polymer plasticizers that has the strength of concrete but flows more easily to fill the voids under the slab. Once the concrete is raised, it is topped with an asphalt binder and allowed to set for about 6 hours. Then, a new surface can be installed on top of the concrete. This process is usually completed in just a few hours, and most jobs with concrete lifting foam are ready for use within one day. Contact A-1 to learn more about our concrete leveling services. Request a free, onsite consultation and estimate.

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