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Mixing IBC Tote Liquids With An IBC Mixer

Dec 16

Easily remix and agitate liquids in any size intermediate bulk container (IBC) tank in minutes with an air driven tote mixer. This industrial pneumatic IBC agitator uses compressed air or gas for operation, eliminating the need for electricity which could potentially damage the LDPE plastic bag liner of an insulated tote or the stainless steel inside of the IBC tank itself.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is the perfect solution for a wide range of manufacturing applications requiring blending or mixing of liquid ingredients. This versatile IBC agitator can quickly mix powder blends, as well as liquid products with high solids contents or high viscosity liquids. The tote mixer is also an excellent choice for a variety of food processing and pharmaceutical applications, where recipe changeovers can be made in a controlled environment while keeping the powder blend in place during the transition from one batch to another.

To determine the appropriate tote agitator for your application, it is important to understand what type of material you will be working with and its viscosity (shear resistance). The higher the viscosity, the more difficult it is to agitate or mix the product. It is common for the viscosity of a liquid to increase as the temperature rises, making it necessary to adjust the speed and power of your IBC mixer to compensate.

For a low cost option, our IBC tote mixer with a collapsible mixer blade is an economical way to mix a variety of materials in a IBC tote. The mixer blade folds down to fit through the IBC tote lid's 6" opening and then unfolds once it has been inserted. The mixer blades can rotate in a circular motion, creating a vortex that helps to disperse the liquid throughout the IBC tank and prevent sedimentation at the bottom of the container.

An IBC tote bridge can be added to the IBC mixer if you need to access your ingredients while mixing. The IBC tote bridge attaches to the top of your IBC tote and is designed to be a secure, stable attachment for an industrial mixer. This bridge is also suitable for tote heaters if you need to heat your IBC tote while it's being mixed.

If you need to mix liquids in a standard 275 gallon IBC tote or other larger liquid containers, consider an IBC tote blender. This patented powder mixer is powerful enough to be used in harsh industrial environments, yet lightweight enough for one operator to handle. The IBC tote blender is a great alternative to a fixed powder blendor or IBC tumble mixer and can mix any recipe in a short amount of time with no need for cleaning between recipes. In addition, the IBC tote blender can be easily moved between totes with our portable IBC tote mixer bridge.