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CEO of Michigan’s Members First Credit Union to retire


Eric Brubaker is retiring as president and CEO of Members First Credit Union in Michigan.

Carrie Iafrate, who is now executive vice president, will take over as president and CEO on Jan. 1, 2022, the credit union announced Wednesday.

Iafrate works closely with Brubaker in her current role. The two have led mergers, acquisitions and growth strategies over a partnership spanning years. Iafrate started as a marketing manager 20 years ago at Members First.

“I am confident that Carrie is the best fit for this role, and know that her dedication and vision will help our credit union continue to succeed,” said Brubaker, who has worked at the credit union for 25 years.

Members First Credit Union recently added a new board member — Jennie Bush, a senior vice-president at Space, Inc. Andrew Koehlinger, director of operations at Awareness Analytics, also joined the credit union’s supervisory committee in May.

Iafrate received an MBA from Richard DeVos Graduate School in 2005. She sits on the board of the Michigan-based Credit Union Trust, a limited purpose bank to offer trust services to credit union members.