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How to Fix the Most Common Errors on Your WordPress Real Estate Website!


In a high-stakes industry like real estate, realtor website tips are a dime a dozen and maybe a few will actually be worthwhile. The truth is that real estate websites have specific requirements that go beyond your plain-vanilla WordPress real estate themes. 

Simple mistakes like erroneous contact forms and email autoresponders that don’t autoresponder can cause potential leads to lose interest. In the real estate world, a lost lead can mean thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 

Let’s take a look at some more wordpress issues and a guide to correcting them.

of the most common issues that affect WordPress real estate themes and how you can really resolve them. 

Realtor website tips

As a professional realtor in 2021, you don’t want a standard cookie-cutter website to represent you or your business. A professional real estate WordPress website needs specific features not normally found in standard templates.

Fortunately, you don’t need to complete a crash-course in web development to achieve a site that looks great and performs well. Here are a few practical tips you can start using today to ensure your website looks great and performs well. 

  • Your homepage looks nothing like the theme demo:
    The demos for WordPress real estate themes are one of the biggest reasons you download themes in the first place. You want THAT website displayed on the demo as your own.

    However, upon installing the demo you realize that your work has barely just begun. Here are a few possible reasons: incorrect Reading settings or using a different theme homepage template.
  • Blank menus:
    When you download and install a new WordPress theme, the menu may inexplicably show up as blank. Each WordPress theme developer has a certain way of doing things so it can be tricky knowing how to properly set up a menu.

    Go to Appearance, then to Menu. Once there, make sure you select or create a menu and that it is assigned to a location.
  • Featured images are not “featured” on my posts:
    Setting up a featured image on each and every post you publish can seem like a drain on your time and effort. And it is.

    Luckily, you can try the “Easy Add Thumbnail” WordPress plugin which autoloads your featured image of choice.

Showcase IDX: create the ultimate real estate website

The Showcase IDX plugin for WordPress lets you add MLS-search capabilities to your website. It features a beautiful, mobile-friendly IDX search with continuously updated property listings in your area. 

Showcase IDX’s powerful home search interface is user-friendly and lets buyers find their dream home or start the buying process right from your website. 

In addition to allowing your site to receive multiple MLS feeds, Showcase IDX also uses a social search system. The social search system makes it easy for visitors to share their favorite property listing amongst their friends and family. 

Some WordPress plugins are notorious for causing sites to break after they’re installed. Unfortunately, getting your site back online is not always as simple as uninstalling the plugin. As a business owner, you can’t afford to have ANY downtime with your real estate website. 

That’s why Showcase IDX was carefully developed using WordPress real estate website best practices so you won’t have to worry about your site suddenly going dark. Showcase IDX works well with practically any WordPress theme and/or other 3rd party plugins.