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Running ASR Panel in Strategy Tester


The demo will now work with strategy tester! Please follow these instructions/notes:

  1. Run the visual mode speed at a minimum of 29. This will keep the panel from moving slow if you wish to move it around, activate past mode, etc.
  2. When you first load an instance, your terminal will slow down or freeze a little. DONT BE ALARMED! The program calculations are heavy and since this is a multi-timeframe indicator, it needs to download history within the back tester. This will only happen once, after you add the first instance and the indicator loads it, you may add multiple instances, edit them, what ever you like and the terminal wont freeze anymore (:
  3. Have fun with it, everything in the strategy tester will be fully functional from editing instances, using history mode, saving and loading, and even alerts will be printed in the journal tab!. Just remember it will freeze/slow down only once for that symbol when you add the initial instance because its downloading more history.