Home Stock Market SIRR Starter Kit and Setup Guide

SIRR Starter Kit and Setup Guide


Starter Kit, SIRR Setup guide plus Bonus Indicators

  • Bonus Indicators
    • Bullbotics NewsRSS
    • Bullbotics LongShort
    • Bullbotcis PutCall Market Sentiment
    • Bullbotics FFCal
    • Bullbotics DailyPercentageChange
    • Bullbotics BuySell
    • Bullbotics US Stocks Movings
    • Bullbotics Scalping Outputs
    • Bullbotics MACD Change
    • Bullbotics Supply & Demand
  • Input variables and setup guide
  • Profile examples
  • Windows Autostart help with VPS
  • Bat files

If you have any questions please let us know w/o hesitation!

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