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The Main Breakdown Cover Operators and Services In The UK

Feb 20

You would think with crowded roads and the typical; British weather, breakdown cover would be offered as standard with typical car insurance policies. Well you would be wrong, car insurance premiums are cost critical within the UK driving public, so everything to keep premiums down is down, and that incudes buying the breakdown over policy separate.

A lot has to do with the history of motoring within the UK. The nation was part of the golden age of motoring, some amazing car brands were born here and with that came the large motoring clubs that aided this car leisure activity. The main car clubs were the Automobile Association and the Royal; Automobile club, these names are still part of the UK scene, albeit in shortened form The AA and The RAC.

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Now Part Of Financial Groups

To be honest they are not motoring clubs anymore and are in fact insurance companies that offer breakdown cover services, even though their history does involve from the club scene. They both offer different levels of breakdown cover, that will cover most vehicles throughout the UK and even into Europe. At this point we should introduce the third larges breakdown cove provider, branded Green Flag, that originated from 1971, as Nation Breakdown. These 3 brands cover the vast majority of emergency ca, outs through the UK mainland.

Breakdown Services On Offer

All 3 offer similar breakdown services, but first you must decide if you want to cover yourself, driving any car, or the car with any driver. Your personal circumstances will determine what is best for you.

The Basic Roadside Service

This is the entry level service, that all policies start from. An engineer will call out to a stricken vehicle and fix it by the roadside. If it cannot be fixed it will be towed to a local garage. Of course, only certain types of repairs can be done at the roadside. Cars near home, may not be covered.

National Recovery Service

If your vehicle cannot be fixed locally, this national recovery service will transport your vehicle to anywhere in the UK mainland, garage, or home. Especially important if you travel long distances.

Breakdown at Home Policy.

Aimed at cars not starting, this service covers vehicle at home or within a short distance from home. The service may tow you to a local garage if you can’t get going.

European Breakdown Cover

This service will cover you for journeys into Europe, although you need to check the policy, to how far any recovery will be, as it is unlikely to transport the car back to the UK.

Additional Add Ons

There are too many to list here from having a taxi come for you, onward travel. Horse boxes, trailers and caravans can all be covered.